Entrepreneur – The 5 Winning Habits

Many studies have been undertaken to see what a successful entrepreneur does that sets them apart from other entrepreneurs. As John Maxwell says “Your success is determined by your daily agenda”. Here’s the 5 winning habits that make the real difference.

1. Daily Visualization and Meditation of Goals
An entrepreneur takes quiet time out at least twice per day or sometimes several times a day to visualize and meditate on their goals. They can see and feel what it will be like when they achieve each goal. This helps focus and belief and thereby steers the ship on course. Even if you are not inclined to meditate the use of affirmations increases focus and self belief.

2. Income Producing Activity – Planting Seeds
Everyday a successful entrepreneur works on their business not necessarily in their business. They focus on the activities which will make the biggest difference the their bottom line. Many less successful entrepreneurs are slaves to their business. Their business does not run without them, no one else knows how to do certain tasks. They are lacking leverage and it’s their own fault! Here the business runs them. This means their time to focus on the big picture and move their business forward is severely prohibited. Without the ability to spend time on the important and not urgent tasks a business will struggle. Steph Korey

3. Invest in Self
A successful entrepreneur has a huge library. A recent study showed that on average people read just 2 books per year. No doubt a successful entrepreneur studies at least 2 books per month. They chose to invest in their personal growth and development. They have never questioned whether they can afford to attend a conference or networking event, if it is going to increase their knowledge and or their network they are there.

4. Mastermind
A successful entrepreneur has their own personal board of directors. This board is made up of friends, colleagues and mentors. Not every person on their personal board of directors will necessarily realize they are on their board. They spend energy and time with these people as they add value to their lives. In contrast time spent with the people who have a negative impact on their lives, will be extremely limited. Successful entrepreneurs take the time to mastermind with these leaders to share ideas and opportunities resulting in synergy.

5.Choose to be Successful
Before an entrepreneur becomes successful they choose to act in the way that a successful entrepreneur would. They harness the “be, do, have formula”. Here they chose to be successful, they do the things that successful people do and then they have that success. In doing so they are changing their belief systems and not allowing for themselves to get in the way of their own success. As the average person has around 70,000 thoughts per day, a successful entrepreneur is in the habit of keeping their thoughts positive and focused on success.



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