The Worlds Best Cat Toy Is? A Card Board Box

The day you bring a new cat in to you house is very exciting for all. Especially for the cat, as it will spend hours investigating its new surroundings. However, before the cat arrived at your house, you probably brought all the equipment you thought you would need, a cat bed, scratching post, bowls, food, litter tray and toys.

In general most cat toys you can purchase are simply not worth the money. You may spend quite a bit trying to keep your new cat entertained; normally however, the interest of the toy will fade with in a few weeks. If your cat does enjoy playing with toys, avoid buying ones that are noisy, these often scare cats, and the last thing you want to be doing is hunting for your new cat when its gone in to hiding because it was scared by a cat toy. Cats do like toys on strings, if you are making your own, a conker on a shoe lace offers as much enjoyment for your cat as it does for most children. Scratch and Purr

Have you ever seen how much joy a young child gets out of a cardboard box? Cats are just the same. All cats have a very inquisitive nature, they like to explore and play. If you have an empty cardboard box in the middle of your room, watch and see what your cat does. You will find the cat will approach it from a distance, and walk around it a few times, then give it a sniff, just to make sure it isn’t alive or going to hurt it. Some cats may ignore the box when you are there and then when you return you will find them happily exploring the insider. However, most cats will jump in with no second thoughts find it quite fascinating.

After a while the box can get a little boring for your cat, what can do to make the box an interesting toy that will keep your cat entertained for months, is to seal the box up completely, then cut two large holes (big enough for the cat to fit through), put them at different ends of the box and at different heights, and then poke some small holes with a pencil, so the cat can see out and make some slightly larger holes that are just about cat paw sized. All you have to do is watch at your cats fascination with the new and improved box.

If you want to interact with your cat, an ideal thing to do is simply lightly tap the sides of the box, your cat will not be able to see where the noise is coming from, but it will attempt to attack your hand by putting its paws through the holes you made.



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